Waxing for Women and Men

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Waxing & Spray Tanning

Embrow Beauty offer a premium waxing service performed by fully qualified and confident waxing therapists, specially trained in our waxing technique to ensure a painless and safe procedure for smooth long lasting results. We only use disposable single-use hot wax for each individual client with no re-dipping for maximum hygiene. For strip waxing procedures, we apply wax oil to calm irritated skin, remove any residual wax and ensure no further irritation. We are also specialise in Brazilian waxing and use high quality hot wax designated for sensitive areas.

Facial Waxing

Going back to work with red irritated skin is a problem of the past. 

At Embrow Beauty, you can pop in and have your waxing done during your lunch break. Our gentle express facial waxing technique and application of mineral make up hides any excess irritation and you can be confident that nobody knows your lunch break secret. 

Body Wax

Embrow Beauty has a strict waxing protocol. We start all procedures with a soothing preparation of pre-waxing cleanser, proceed to gently remove hair with wax, remove any excess wax residue with after treatment oil and finish the procedure with an application of soothing cream to calm and soothe the irritated skin. 

Waxing for Men

Embrow Beauty has male waxing experts to ensure optimum results. We have been waxing for men since we first opened in 2014 and are experienced to ensure that the procedure is as comfortable as possible. 

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