OPT High Frequency Hair Removal & Treatment

Embrow Beauty OPT treatment.jpg

OPT (Optimal Pulsed Technology) High Frequency Treatment can be used for permanent hair removal along with the removal of all sorts of flaws on your skin.

The OPT machine launches 560 - 1000 nm wide-spectrum intense pulsed light that penetrates the skin to remove all sorts of flaws on your skin. By using selective absorption of light, the machine selectively raises the temperate to create hair folicle necrosis, where the hair folicle is destroyed, which results in permanent hair removal.

OPT is also multi-functional, and also effectively breaks down darkened rough skin and imperfections, creating visually better skin and a improved skin texture.


  1. Short treatment time: the treatment only lasts 5-10 minutes at a time

  2. Noninvasive: OPT can be used with minimal trauma on the skin tissue, which reduces the possibility of side effects

  3. Painless: no need for anaesthesia as OPT uses mild thermal energy

  4. Easy follow-up care: no postoperative care other than SPF protection from the sun and directions to hydrate the area

  5. Stable effects: 10x more effectiveness than other methods and suitable for a wider range of customers

Angel Kong