About us

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Embrow Beauty...

is a full-service skin specialist salon, with 3 established salons in Sydney. We offer a highly personalised, integrated and comprehensive approach to beauty, providing a one-stop shop for anything from eyebrow waxing and eyelash extensions, to facials and injectables.

Since opening the doors to Embrow Beauty in 2014, our expert therapists have been dedicated to offering custom skin treatments that offer real solutions to repair, treat and improve a myriad of concerns. Whether someone comes in for routine beauty care or a special indulgence, she or he will certainly leave feeling replenished and nurtured by our caring therapists at Embrow Beauty.

Embrow Beauty therapists are focused on one thing: beautiful skin. We create customised facial treatment programs, designed to resolve any skin concerns in the shortest amount of time possible. All Embrow Beauty treatments are supervised by trained therapists. 

Our commitment to scientifically backed and safe cosmeceutical grade treatments made us one of the most sought out beauty specialists in Sydney. 

Our services include...

It all started when…

Angel Kong decided to start a Skin Specialist practice, a childhood dream she came to realise in August 2014. As a practicing therapist, Angel has built a reputation around the management of acne and ageing skin. She founded Embrow Beauty to bring new innovative treatments to Sydney, knowing that it is possible to achieve better results with these proven treatments and procedures. 

With the view of providing result-oriented treatments and aesthetic solutions, Angel has built a team of professional therapists, all of which are highly trained and are able to help with any of your skin or aesthetic needs. The original salon at Darling Harbour has now more than doubled in size, and soon followed by the opening of the Rhodes and Beecroft branches due to demand. 

Her commitment to scientifically backed and safe cosmeceutical grade treatments made Embrow Beauty one of the most popular beauty salons in Sydney.